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Community Partners

Vinton County is serviced by 5 Volunteer Based Fire Departments as well as a Full Time Emergency Medical Service. 

Effective September 1, 2005 Vinton County Fire and EMS Responders switched to a new County-wide radio designation system in order to facilitate better radio communications. Below is  a list of the new designations:

2100 - Emergency Management Agency

2300 - Hamden Fire Department

2400 - McArthur Fire Department

2500 - Wilkesville Fire Department

2600 - Zaleski Fire Department

2800 - Harrison Twp Fire and EMS

2900 - Vinton County EMS

Apparatus will have the designator of  1-20 (example: 2304 is Hamden Engine 4)

Current announcements from the EMA


                                         Siren Test : Test occur on the last Monday of each month at 12 noon. 

Mitigation Plan Update

The Vinton County Emergency Management Agency is currently looking at updating the Vinton County Mitigation Plan. We would like to have your input into this process by offering the ability to place information into the upcoming plan. If you would like to have input inton this plan please read over the 2016 plan then eithier email what you would like to see changed or you can send me your thoughts on changes at Vinton County EMA 106 S.Market Street McArthur, 




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