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Vinton County EMA is currently partnering with several community organizations to identify citizens with Functional Needs and create a database to improve emergency response. The functional needs population is made up of persons who might need additional assistance to be able to effectively participate in disaster response operations such as sheltering. Subsequently, we will work to create a Functional Needs Task Force that would deploy in the event of an emergency (such as a prolonged power outage, flood event, etc.) to confirm the safety of citizens who may not be able to maintain their health and independence or be able to manage the stresses of disaster/emergency response-related operations. 


Registration in this database is completely voluntary. Caregivers and family members of individuals with functional needs are able to enroll for an individual, but they must provide their name and information on the form. Regardless of who completes the registration, the individual added to the database will receive a notification informing them of their enrollment.


If you have any questions about this program or need to update or change any information after submitting the form, please contact us.

Current announcements from the EMA


                                         Siren Test : Test occur on the last Monday of each month at 12 noon. 

Mitigation Plan Update

The Vinton County Emergency Management Agency is currently looking at updating the Vinton County Mitigation Plan. We would like to have your input into this process by offering the ability to place information into the upcoming plan. If you would like to have input inton this plan please read over the 2016 plan then eithier email what you would like to see changed or you can send me your thoughts on changes at Vinton County EMA 106 S.Market Street McArthur, 




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